1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Applied Physics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A12964-T09020 Performance evaluation of power systems using soft computing techniques Sen, Sawan Sengupta, Samarjit 2011
CUE-A12863-T08918 An approach to develop a method for automated remote monitoring and analysis of ECG using a smart wireless telecardiology system Gupta, Rajarshi Mitra, Madhuchhanda 2011
CUE-A12802-T08856 Investigation on some improved measurement techniques of electrical and process parameters Kole, Dhritinandan Bera, S C 2011
CUE-A12783-T08837 Investigation on some aspects of sensor design using Vector nature of light Ray, Sarbani Bera, S C 2011
CUE-A12753-T08808 Studies on the development of some transducers Sarkar, Rajan Bera, S C 2011
CUE-A12742-T08797 Investigation on the development of some transducers and study of their applications in a process plant or any other equipment Mandal, Nirupama Bera, S C 2011
CUE-A12655-T08710 Investigation on the improvement of steam generation plant through instrumentation and control applications Bhaumik, Madan Bera, S C 2011
CUE-A12695-T08750 An investigation into fault diagnosis of induction motor by artificial intelligent technique De, Dilip Kumar Sengupta, Samarjit 2010
CUE-A12364-T08420 Signal processing and instrumentation for power components and frequency estimation Sarkar, Arghya Sengupta, Samarjit 2010
CUE-A12309-T08366 Electric power quality in power system Chattopadhyay, Surajit Sengupta, Samajit 2009
CUE-A12031-T08089 Investigation on some properties of ECG network and development of some transducer and control systems Chakraborty, Badal Bera, Satish Chandra 2007
CUE-A13913-T09652 An Approach to develop a remote tele cardiology system for compression transmission and analysis of ECG signal Mukhopadhyay, Sourav Mitra, Madhuchhanda 2005
CUE-A11455-T07515 Investigation on some techniques of measurement and control instrumentation Chattopadhyay, Subrata Bera, Satish Chandra 2005
CUE-A11433-T07493 A new class of orthogonal functions for the analysis of continuous time systems Dasgupta, Anindita Deb, Anish 2005
CUE-A11459-T07519 Logical approach for realistic quality assessment of industrial products in non destructive testing Barui, Kanai Lal Bhattacharya, Balaram 2004
CUE-A11262-T07322 Modification of imaging characteristics using polarization phenomenon Chaudhuri, Dola Ray Chakraborty, Ajay Kumar 2004
CUE-A11255-T07315 Some investigations on instrumentation and sensing techniques in monitoring and control process parameters Ray, Jayanta Kumar Bera, Satish Chandra 2004
CUE-A11223-T07283 Biomedical signal extraction and processing for digital time database generation and abnormality detection Sarkar, Sucharita Mitra, Madhuchhanda 2004
CUE-A10907-T06966 Some studies on optoelectronic instrumentation for detection of defects in woven fabric Mallik, Bithika Datta, A K 2002
CUE-A10958-T07018 Vector wave imagery using a birefringent lens Sanyal, Sucharita Ghosh, Ajay 2001

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