1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Applied Physics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A07288-T04422 Investigations on the influence of some surface variables around incipient region of nucleate boiling Ghosh, Santideb Basu, Dilip Kumar 1988
CUE-A08059-T04941 Temporal filtering and imagery using vector nature of light Chakraborty, Biswajit Chakraborty, A K 1987
CUE-A07035-T04245 Control laws for unknown and imprecise plant Ray, Kumar Sankar Ghosh, Ananda M 1986
CUE-A06558-T03951 On preprocessing techniques for image analysis Chanda, Bhabatosh Majumder, D Dutta 1985
CUE-A06634-T04017 The influence of microstructure on the flow and fracture behaviour of a nuclear pressure vessel steel Sinha, Tapan Kumar Seal, A K 1985
CUE-A06759-T04034 Intermittency and transport phenomena in turbulence Ghosh, Arabinda - 1984
CUE-A09142-T05539 Collision frequency in f region of the ionosphere Sarkar, Prasanta Kumar Ghosh, S N 1984
CUE-A06191-T03758 Application of walsh functiongs to problems of aberrated optical imagery Purkait, Pratik Kumar D E, M 1983
CUE-A06287-T03840 Optimisation of design synthesis of large dual purpose multistage flash desalting plants Maji, Arup Kumar Biswas, S K 1983
CUE-A06339-T03872 Variables attaching manufacture of iron ore sinter and pellets and their performance in Indian blast furnaces Mitra, Atindra Nath Seal, A K 1982
CUE-A05908-T03552 Study of some characteristics of tyre joint type flexible couplings Chakrabarti, Nihar Ranjan Sen, B 1982
CUE-A05294-T03108 Investigation of interstellar molecules Ghosh, Kajal Kumar Ghosh, S N 1981
CUE-A06162-T03733 Some studies on power transformers Sarkar, Bahni Kumar Mukhopadhyay, A K 1981
CUE-A05756-T03451 System analysis of tea industry identification modelling and prediction Chaudhuri, Amarendra Kumar Samaddar Mustafi, A 1979
CUE-A04630-T02689 On flow graph approach to the study of electrical networks Mitra, Subrata Kumar Bhattacharyya, S P 1978
CUE-A04741-T02773 Studies on the scattering of electromagnetic waves by dielectric cylindrical structures Datta, Arup Kumar Som, S C 1978
CUE-A05039-T02976 Study on the schuster kubelka munk theory for inhomogeneous media Chaudhuri, Bhajan Som, S C 1978
CUE-A04100-T02377 Studies on weldability and formality of indigeneously manufactured austenitic stainless steels Ray, Bodhendu Seal, A K 1978
CUE-A04283-T02489 On secondary flows in radial diffusing cascades Gopalakrishnan, G Banerjee, D 1978
CUE-A04727-T02766 Studies on frictional losses in some metal deformation processes Ghosh, Ranajit Kumar Seal, A K 1978

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