1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Applied Physics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A03842-T02203 Analysis of ECG and Electronic networks using Krons method of approach and development of some bioelectric models relating to human body Ray, Ananta Kumar Mitra, T K 1977
CUE-A03855-T02212 Study of bluff body flame stabilization Kundu, Kishori Mohan Banerjee, D 1977
CU-A04027-DSC0475 Optimization of steam cycles for gas-cooled nuclear power plant Biswas, Sanat Kumar Bose, Satyendranath 1976
CUE-A03954-T02283 A new concept of planning for housing with precast building materials Mukherjee, Rabindra Nath Sen, Bimalendu 1976
CUE-A03338-T01916 Analysis of projected molar behaviour of normal and physically handicapped children for effective understanding of the dynamics of their social behaviour Bhattacharyya, Nrisingha Kumar Bose, Sukumar 1975
CUE-A04958-T02920 Some studies on flat linear induction pumps for conducting fluids Das, Jamini Kanta Sen, S K 1975
CUE-A03621-T02064 Investigation into convergence at longwall faces and in gate roadways volume II tables and illustrations Sarkar, Sunit Kumar - 1975
CUE-A02837-T01608 Coherence effects in holography D E, Aditi D E, M 1974
CUE-A03159-T01809 Synthesis and analysis of networks by Kronian method of approach Pan, Swapan Kumar Mukhopadhyay, A K 1974
CUE-A06793-T04065 Thermal stress in cylindrical shells Chakraborty, Santimoy Mukherjee, S K 1974
CUE-A03158-T01808 Some investigations on discrete excitation control of power system synchronous generators Ghosh, Ananda Mohan Sen, S K 1974
CUE-A02973-T01691 Optimising production and increasing accuracy of work of programme controlled milling machines Mahata, Chitta Ranjan Sen, S K 1973
CUE-A01465-T00899 Analysis of some electrical and electronic circuits by using Krons method of approach Lahiri, Bimal Kumar Bhattacharya, S P 1972
CUE-A01619-T00999 Application of tensor in electronic engineering Banik, Prankrishna Bhattacharyya, S P 1972
CUE-A00526-T00383 Application of tensor method in complex network problems Basu, Debabrata Bhattacharyya, S P 1971
CU-A00390-DSC0341 Climate in the evolution of urban forms - A case study of Calcutta Munichakrabarti, Rohinilal - 1970
CUE-A00144-T00129 Tensor analysis of electrical and electronic engineering problems Mitra, Tapas Kumar Bhattacharyya, S P 1970
CUE-A01963-T01187 On numerical methods and their application in electrical engineering problems Joardar, Manas Kumar Sengupta, A K 1970
CUE-A00601-T00431 Study of the superheat and heat transfer properties of liquids and binary mixture Basu, Dilip Kumar Sengupta, A K 1969
CUE-A02562-T01476 Tensor analysis of electrical machines problems on multi winding transformers Bhattacharyya, Balaram Bhattacharya, S P 1969

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