1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. English
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A11967-T08025 Mimetic and anti mimetic six novels of Charles Kingsley Mark Twain and C S Lewis Bhaumik, Barnana Sinha, Amitabha 2006
CUE-A11376-T07436 Image versus identity resisting the stereotypes a study of the sexual politics in the writings of fay weldon Dasgupta, Kanchi Dasgupta, Sanjukta 2005
CUE-A11515-T07575 T S Eliots theory of impersonality A study of his personal compulsion Chaudhuri, Mahuya Ray Chakrabarti, Dipendu 2005
CUE-A11619-T07679 The third theatre theory and practice a study in translation of the new open air theatre texts in Bengali Sarkar, Subhendu Bhattacharya, Ramkrishna 2005
CUE-A11187-T07247 The language of movement in the fiction of D H Lawrence a Lawrentian perspective Ghosh, Nira Sen, Krishna 2004
CUE-A11233-T07293 Women characters in eighteenth century fiction of Defoe Richardson and Fielding Ahmed, Shaikh Nizamuddin Dasgupta, Sanjukta 2004
CUE-A11301-T07361 Constructions of gender in selected English sentimental comedies Chakrabarti, Chandrabha Bhowmick, Bibhutibhusan 2004
CUE-A11070-T07130 Gender representations in the fiction of ernest hemingway Chakrabarti, Tania Dasgupta, Sanjukta 2003
CUE-A11121-T07181 Feminine consciousness in American women writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Ray, Rasmi Sen, Krishna 2003
CUE-A11150-T07210 Melancholy impressions re reading Thomas Hardys major novels Bandyopadhyay, Debarati Sanyal, Jharna 2003
CUE-A10853-T06912 Synge and the Irish literary renaissance Chaudhuri, Kasturi Das, Sisir Kumar 2000
CUE-A10962-T07022 Inward voyage a study of Katherine Anne Porters female characters in her shorter fiction Majumder, Sabita Sinha, Amitabha 2000
CUE-A10729-T06788 The Irish tracts of Jonathan Swift Chakrabarti, Chhanda Das, S K 1999
CUE-A10609-T06671 Political reality as depicted in the novels of George Orwell Zohdi, Esmaeil Sen, Krishna 1998
CUE-A10496-T06559 The novels of Evelyn Waugh the art of paradox Bandyopadhyay, Sinjini - 1997
CUE-A10441-T06505 Comic vision in the plays of G B Shaw Faghfori, Soheila Roy, Sona 1996
CUE-A08843-T05377 Women in Chaucer D E, Malasri Bhattacharya, J 1992
CUE-A08848-T05382 The language of Wordsworths poetry Basu, Debika Das, Sisir Kumar 1992
CUE-A08876-T05397 The resurgence of the gothic novel in nineteenth century English literature Sinha, Haimanti Sinha, Amitabha 1992
CUE-A10123-T06190 Paradise lost and paradise regained re examined Goyal, Anuradha Sen, R K 1992

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