University of Calcutta

Administrative officers and staff of the University Library

  Name Designation Qualification Research Interest
1 Dr. Soumitra Sarkar University Librarian MA, MLibSc, PhD, DCA • Ethics of information
• Information Management Science
• Communication Science
• Environmental Information System
• Intellectual Property and Copyright
• Digital Libraries and Archives
• Human Interaction in Information Retrieval
• Open Archives
2 Dr. Nimai Shit University Librarian (Stage 5) BA (Hons), MLISc, PhD  
3 Dr. Subal Kumar Barui Deputy University Librarian MA,  BEd, MLIS, MPhil,  PhD  
4 Shri Debabrata Manna Deputy University Librarian MSc, MLISc  
5 Dr. Tanmay De Sarkar Deputy University Librarian MSc, BEd, MLISc, PhD  
6 Shri Safique Ahamad Assistant University Librarian MSc, MLISc  
7 Shri Jitendra Nath Shaw Information Scientist BSc, PGDCA, MCA, MTech  
8 Dr. Kalyan Paik Assistant University Librarian MCom, MLISc, MPhil, PhD  
9 Sk Nausad Kabir Assistant University Librarian MSc, MLISc, MPhil  
10 Shri Rajib Roy Assistant University Librarian BCom, MLIS, DCA  
Central Library
11 Smt Tanusri Biswas Superintendent Library Services  MA, BLIS, BEd, Kobid (Hindi), DOEACC 'O' Level  
12 Dr. Pradip Kumar Bhattacharyya Superintendent Library Services  BCom (Hons), MLIS, PhD  
13 Smt. Sangita Bhaduri Superintendent Library Services  BSc (Hons), MLibSc  
14 Smt. Srabanti Sinha Superintendent Library Services  BSc (Hons), MA, MLIS, DOEACC 'O' Level  
15 Shri Debasish Chakraborty Junior Superintendent  BA  
16 Shri Jayanta Khatua Junior Superintendent  BCom (Hons), MA, BLibSc, PG Diploma (Management),PG Diploma (Jr. & Mass Comm.)  
17 Smt. Sutapa Chakraborty Assistant Librarian Grade I  BSc (Hons), MLibSc  
18 Dr. Protap Chandra Roy Assistant Librarian Grade I MA, BLISc, AIS (INSDOC), PhD  
19 Smt. Supta Manna Assistant Librarian Grade I  BSc(Hons), MLIS, MPhil  
20 Smt. Rita Chakrabarti (Samanta) Assistant Librarian Grade I BSc (Hons), MLibSc  
21 Smt. Aparna Das (Sasmal) Assistant Librarian Grade I MA, MLISc  
22 Shri Jayanta Kumar Duary Assistant Librarian Grade I  MA, MLISc, DCA  
23 Shri Ujjal Kumar Chatterjee Assistant Librarian Grade I  MA, MLISc, DCA  
24 Shri Tapas Roy (on deputation at the Library of the department of Applied Mathematics) Senior Assistant  BCom  
25 Shri Rabindranath Giri Junior Assistant  Madhyamik  
26 Shri Abhijit Das Junior Assistant  BCom (Hons)  
27 Smt. Paramita Basu Junior Assistant BCA  
28 Smt. Sujata Bhowmick (Kar) Junior Assistant  BSc  
29 Shri Sanjoy Surai Junior Assistant  BCom  
30 Shri Rana Dasgupta Junior Assistant  BSc  
31 Shri Surojit Mukherjee Junior Assistant  BCom  
32 Shri Kaushik Paul Junior Assistant  BCom  
33 Shri Sudip Das Junior Assistant  BA  
34 Shri Saikat Bandyopadhyay Junior Assistant  BCom (Hons)  
35 Shri Arvind Kumar Singh Junior Assistant  Madhyamik  
36 Smt Mili Roy Junior Assistant  HS  
37 Shri Susanta Das Junior Assistant  Madhyamik  
38 Shri Suvendu Barman Junior Assistant  BCom  
39 Shri Pradip Nag  Record Keeper  VIII  
40 Shri Nayan Ranjan Das Record Supplier BCom  
41 Shri Avijit Bose Senior Library Attendant  HS  
42 Shri Dipak Kumar Ghorai Senior Library Attendant  VIII  
43 Shri Subrata Barua Junior Darwan  IX  
Departmental Libraries & TPSP Digital Library (Ballygunge Science College Campus)
44 Smt. Monomita Ganguly Junior Superintendent  BSc (Hons), BEd  
45 Shri Mithun Thapa Junior Superintendent  HS  
46 Shri Pravat Singha Junior Assistant MA  
47 Shri Uttam Maity Superintendent Library Services  BA (Hons), MLIS, BEd  
48 Shri Subrata Mondal Junior Assistant  BCom, DSA  
49 Shri Prabir Mukhopadhyay Assistant Librarian Grade I  MA , MLIS  
50 Shri Tapas Kumar Dolui Senior Library Attendant  HS, ITI, AITT  
51 Smt Indrani Roy Saha Superintendent Library Services  BSc (Hons), BEd, BLibSc  
52 Anwar Ali Sardar Junior Assistant  Madhyamik  
53 Dr.  Subhankar Biswas Assistant Librarian Grade I MA, MLIS, PhD  
54 Sanjib Kumar Pahan Junior Assistant  HS  
55 Shri Gouranga Chowdhury Assistant Librarian, Grade I  BSc (Hons), MLIS  
56 Shri Chittabrata Panja Junior Assistant  MA  
57 Smt Jhuma Gupta (Sengupta) Superintendent Library Services BSc, BA (Spl), BLIS  
58 Smt Debjani Majumder Superintendent Library Services BSc (Hons), MLIbSc  
59 Shri Kousik Kundu Senior Library Attendant BCom (Hons), DITA  
60 Shri Bikash Purohit Junior Assistant  HS  
61 Smt Swati Ghosh Superintendent Library Services BSc (Hons), BEd, BA (Spl), BLIS  
62 Shri Biswanath Chowdhury Senior Sorter  VIII  
63 Shri Pintu Das Junior Assistant  Madhyamik  
64 Smt Mousumi Sengupta Assistant Librarian Grade I  MA,  MLibSc  
65 Smt Kakoli Sarkar (Dey) Junior Assistant  HS  
66 Shri Sugata Basu Superintendent Library Services  HS, Clib  
67 Shri Debabrata Adhikary Junior Assistant  BCom  
68 Shri Ananda Mohan Manna Superintendent Library Services BCom (Hons), MA (Spl), MLIS  
69 Pradip Kumar Singha Junior Assistant  BA  
70 Shri Asit Kumar Pal Superintendent Library Services  BSc (Hons),BA (Spl), MLIS  
71 Shri Madan Mohan Mondal Senior Library Attendant  BCom  
72 Shri Nilu Sarkar Senior Sorter  HS  
73 Shri Mrinal Kanti Das Assistant Librarian Grade I  BCom (Hons), BLIS  
74 Smt Chandrani Dasgupta (Sen) Superintendent Library Services   MA, MLIS  
75 Shri Deepak Kumar Saha Junior Sorter  Madhyamik  
76 Shri Abhijit Saha Junior Assistant  BCom  
77 Shri Samit Chakraborty Superintendent Library Services BCom (Hons), MLIS  
78 Shri Kausik Kumar  Mullick Senior Library Attendant  Madhyamik  
Departmental Libraries, RBPCL & Library Complex (Rajabazar Science College Campus)
79 Shri Sukanta Kumar Roy Junior Superintendant  BCom (Hons)  
80 Shri Kishor Barman Junior Assistant  BCom (Hons)  
81 Smt Kakoli De Assistant Librarian Grade I  MSc, MLIS  
82 Shri  Samrat Lahiri Junior Assistant  MA  
83 Smt Ruma Mondal Junior Assistant  HS  
84 Shri Sekhar Chandra Das Superintendent Library services BCom (Hons), BLibSc  
85 Shri Goutam Das Record Keeper VIII  
86 Shri Sankar Bhuniya Superintendent Library services  BCom (Hons), BLISc  
87 Shri Biswajit Adhikari Junior Assistant  BSc  
88 Smt Jaya Mishra Superintendent Library services MA, BLISc., AIS (INSDOC)  
89 Shri Swarup Kr. Raj Superintendent Library services  MSc, MLISc, PhD  
90 Shri Pradip Mondal Junior Assistant  MA  
91 Shri Arindam Dasmahapatra Junior Assistant  BCom (Hons)  
92 Shri Amit Mondal Assistant Librarian Grade I  MA, MLISc.  
93 Shri Liton Sikder Junior Assistant  BCom (Hons), BLISc  
94 Shri Soumya Bhattacharyya Superintendent Library services  MA, BLISc, AIS (INSDOC)  
95 Smt Susmita Hazra Senior Library Attendant  VIII  
96 Shri Sulip Kr. Pal Superintendent Library services  MCom, MLISc  
97 Shri Joydev Pramanik Junior Assistant  BCom (Hons)  
98 Shri Rajaram Das Assistant Librarian Grade I BCom (Hons), MLISc  
99 Shri Sambhunath Mukherjee Senior Sorter VIII  
100 Shri Animesh Mondal Junior Assistant  HS  
101 Smt Leena Dutta Assistant Librarian Grade I  MLISc  
102 Shri Samiran Guria Junior Assistant  Madhyamik  
103 Smt Paramita Ray Assistant Librarian Grade I  BSc (Hons), MLISc  
104 Shri Jyotish Chandra Sarkar Senior Sorter VIII  
105 Shri Sujit Kumar Banerjee (on deputation at the Library of the department of Chemistry, Rajabazar Science College Campus) Assistant Librarian Grade I BA (Hons), MLISc  
106 Shri Saikat Ghosh Junior Assistant BCom (Hons)  
Alipur Campus Library
107 Shri Mrityunjit Niyogi Superintendent Library Services  BA (Hons), BLIS  
108 Smt Mita Das Superintendent Library Services MA, MLIS  
109 Smt Swarupa Dutta Sarkar Superintendent Library Services  MA, MLIS  
110 Shri Apurba Barua Junior Superintendent  BCom  
111 Shri Shyamal Kumar Baidya Senior Sorter  VIII  
112 Shri Indrajit Goswami Junior Assistant  BCom  
113 Shri Subhas Chandra Das Junior Assistant BCom (Hons), BLIS  
114 Shri Tusar Jana Junior Assistant  BCom (Hons), MLIS  
115 Shri Laltu Chanda Junior Assistant  HS  
Technology Campus Library
116 Smt Sima Chanda Raychaudhuri Superintendent Library services  MA, MLISc,  
117 Smt Jayita Chaudhuri Assistant Librarian Grade I  MSc, MLISc, BEd, Mphil  
118 Md Moyajjem Hossain Junior Assistant  BSc  
Law Campus Library
119 Smt Indrani Ray Saha Superintendent Library Services  BSc (Hons), BLibSc, BEd  
120 Shri Mrinal Kanti Das Assistant Librarian Grade I  BCom (Hons), BLIS  
121 Smt Suman Tirkey Junior Superintendent MA, BEd  
122 Shri Goutam Adhikary Senior Sorter X  
123 Shri Indrajit Sarkar Senior Sorter  VIII  
Library of the Department of Home Science (Viharilal College Campus)
124 Shri Pankaj Kumar Tanti Superintendent Library Services  BCom (Hons), MLIS, MPhil   
125 Shri Haraprasad Bandyopadhyay Senior Library Attendant  VIII  
Library of the Department of Economics
126 Smt Indrani Chakraborty Biswas Assistant Librarian Grade I MSc, MLib, BEd  
127 Smt Mousumi Bhattacharyya Junior Assistant   BA, BEd  
128 Shri Tapas Kumar Dey Junior Assistant  BA  
129 Shri Punit Singh Senior Peon  VIII