1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Sociology
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A18062-T14212 Professional Women And Glass - Ceiling: A Sociological Study Of Women Lawyers Of Kolkata. Basu, Jayeeta Bhadra, Bula and Chatterjee, Nandini 2023
CUE-A18014-T14164 Identification And Mobilization Of Other Backward Classes - A Study Of A Few OBC And OBC-Aspirant Groups In West Bengal. Chakrabarty, Angshuman Pramanick, Swapan Kumar 2023
CUE-A17942-T14092 Irawati karves contributions to sociology of India Bose, Megna Bhattacharyya, Gayatri 2023
CUE-A17544-T13694 Changing nature of work life : a sociological investigation among university faculty in West Bengal Chatterjee, Pujasree Mukherjee, Sudeshna Basu 2022
CUE-A16835-T12985 An Analysis of the impact of the socio-cultural environment on business decisions and strategy from the point of view of corporate members Ray, Tapobrata Sur, Basabi 2020
CUE-A16774-T12924 Impact of globalized postindustrial media on Indian society : how reality shows influence the"active" syndrome of media audience (a study on deconstructing the political economy of mediation in India) Chattopadhyay, Abir Praminick, Swapan Kumar 2019
CUE-A16233-T12383 Friendship relationships among adolescents in Kolkata : a sociological investigation Chatterjee, Ananya Basu Mukherjee, Sudeshna 2018
CUE-A15869-T12019 Women athletes of West Bengal : a sociological investigation of gendering, exclusion, and marginalization Chowdhury, Saheli Bhadra, Bula 2017
CUE-A15272-T11423 Understanding Indian society : a study on the contributions of Prof. N.K.Bose. Choudhuri, Srabanti Bandyopadhyay, Bholanath 2017
CUE-A11458-T07518 University teachers and their role performance with reference to the teachers in universities within Calcutta Kar, Saswati Chakrabortty, Krishna 2016
CUE-A06586-T03975 Alcoholism and family disorganisation Chaudhuri, Pareschandra Ray Gupta, Bela Dutt 2016
CUE-A02365-T01396 Gana and Gotra in Indian social organisation Goswami, Nripendra Chandra - 2016
CUE-A15607-T11757 Social life in the old age homes in Kolkata Mukherjee, Mousumi Bandyopadhyay, Bholanath 2016
CUE-A14983-T11138 Schizophrenia and social stigma A sociological investigation of everyday experience of the families Kumar, Sahu, Kamlesh Mukharjee, Sudashna Banu 2016
CUE-A14795-T10833 From victimhood to agency - A sociological study of women offenders in a correctional institution of Kolkata Chakrabarti, Maitreyi Bhadra, Bula 2016
CUE-A08255-T05050 Alcoholism and family disorga among the port and dock workers of Calcutta port class iv Chaudhuri, Pares Chandra Ray Gupta, B Dutt 2016
CUE-A10692-T06752 Mechanization its impact on marine fishermen the case of coastal West Bengal Mandal, Swapan Kumar Pramanick, Swapan Kumar 2016
CUE-A10289-T06353 Social security for industrial and agricultural workers of West Bengal after independence Patra, Anil Kumar Banerjee, D K 2016
CUE-A14329-T10387 Perceived quality of life of elderly in Kolkata - A sociological investigation Neogi, Saheli Guha Mukherjee, Sudeshna Basu 2015
CUE-A14469-T10522 Gender and class roots of language - A sociolinguistic inquiry of Bengali woman in Kolkata Dutta, Chandrabali Bhadra, Bula 2015

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